The Spirit of Love
November 26-28, 2021

We believe that we only truly serve as your Regional Convention Corporation successfully if we manage to include participation from all 10 areas of our Free State Region and all our members; including those that are least able to afford standard registration fees. Those of us blessed with multiple years of recovery have the honor of paying Full Registration Fees as we assist those members that cannot. If all ten areas of our Free State Region are not represented and if all members of our Free State Region both new and old timers are not included; then we have spiritually failed our in our service commitment to you.

All these efforts are done in The Spirit of Love for our NA Fellowship.



Your Free State Convention BOD is proud to offer a 2 Tiered Registration Fee Schedule this year that favors our members with 3 years clean or less at a 50% Discounted Registration Fee. In an effort to make our Regional Convention more affordable to those members who have not yet attained the financial benefits of long term recovery.

In an effort to make the convention more affordable, we have lowered all registration rates by 33% by being more financially responsible with the fellowship’s money. In this light, all meals must be purchased in pre-registration.

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BWI Marriott

This year we return to the BWI Marriott, site of FSRCNA 4 in 1996, where we first initiated hosting our convention on Thanksgiving Weekend. BWI Marriott is more centrally located in our Region allowing easier accessibility and offers multiple modes of Public Transportation.

Special NA Room Rate of $96 at Cost! click here